Ballet Bars - An Essential Tool for Beginners

By Azlan Irda

Ballet bar brackets are used to hold the ballet bars which are used by the dancers to check their posture and stance and to maintain their balance. This bracket is the most important piece of equipment and the strength and the stability of the ballet bars depends on the quality of the ballet bar brackets.

A typical dancer usually practises to get the correct posture and stance with the help of ballet bars. Using these bars can help beginners to a great extent as it provides a reference for the dancers.

There are several steps that constitute some of the basic ballet moves. If these steps are learnt then learning the moves becomes easier. Some of the steps that are taught to beginners are as follows.

Beginners find the ballet bar extremely useful as this bar helps them improve their balance and improve their stance which is very important in ballet. The ballet bar plays the role of a partner for the beginners until they start dancing with partners. The ballet bars also provides useful support for ankle strengthening exercises.

Brackets that are adjustable are also available in the market. However, this is not viable option as the adjustment feature compromises on the stability that it provides the bar. The bars move about in the brackets which results noises that are unpleasant.

Another feature that the bracket should incorporate is that they should be angled downwards when mounted on the wall so that the dancer does injure her foot by hitting the bracket when she brings it down when exercising or practising moves on the ballet bar.

There are several other exercises that can help you develop strength in your feet and ankles. The portable ballet bars comes in handy in such cases as they can be used to for such exercises.

Some of the exercises are great and the steps mentioned above and all of the exercises when done using a ballet bar makes it easier for the dancers. - 32165

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