How Ballet Has Evolved And How It Can Help You

By Svetlana Marintcheva

Ballet is an ancient art form. It had its beginnings in Italy in the days of the Renaissance. However the French really helped in developing it. The Ballet de Cour had a lot to do with forming modern day ballet.

Despite the evolution of ballet, it still continues to be full of grace and beauty. It is one of the more difficult art forms to master. To become a ballerina takes practice, dedication and a number of years of work. However this does not bar the average person from learning ballet. Ballet cannot be learned in an instant but you can start with some elementary skills and improve your skills as you learn.

When you decide to start to study ballet there are a number of ways that you can go about it. Of course there are many ballet fitness videos for you to use in your own home. These may be a good way to try out ballet to see if you really are interested in pursuing the study of ballet. Additionally, there are group ballet classes. These are perhaps a good choice for those who are really wanting to get a taste of ballet dancing. Here you may not pay as much money as you would for a private class, but you could still get some one on one instruction.

To prepare for your ballet dance class you should make sure that you have the right apparel. Perhaps the most important thing is to be sure that you have the right shoes to wear. Ballet shoes or slippers can be made out of a variety of materials. The most important thing here is to choose a pair that is comfortable, but also fit fairly closely to the foot. You want your toes to be comfortable, but you want them to be snug in the slipper. Additionally, you will need to have clothes that are flexible, but not baggy. The study of ballet is based on body lines, and your instructor is going to need to see the lines that your body is making while you dance.

As you continue to learn more skills you could begin to experience some of the advantages of ballet. Many times you'll see some weight loss and better muscle tone, plus you may find you are more flexible and your muscles are stronger. All these benefits are a result of the fact that ballet can be hard work. As you learn ballet you will probably find you are pushing yourself to reach new heights and will be stretching your body as you dance.

Physical benefits are not all that ballet dancers can possibly expect to see. Ballet dancing can bring about many emotional benefits. Dancers are usually able to express themselves in a way that many other people are not able to do. By expressing themselves through their body there could be an emotional release. This emotional release may actually assist in letting go of any stress that may be hanging on from the work day. Lastly, the study of ballet may help to increase the confidence level of anyone who studies it. By learning how to use your body you can start to feel more confident in your own skin, and that could increase your confidence. - 32165

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