What You Might Expect From Your First Dance Lesson

By Sarah Wilkiamson

Dancers are beautiful and graceful artists. If you have always dreamed of possessing those skills it makes sense that you are going to sign yourself up for dance classes. That being said it makes sense if you are nervous about your first time in the dance studio. It is important that you have a clear idea of what you can possibly expect so that you can truly enjoy your dance class.

For your first dance lesson be sure that you have the appropriate clothing. Comfort is the key for your basic clothing. However do not wear anything too baggy, or too tight. Your apparel should show your body lines, so do not show up in a super loose shirt. The correct shoes are usually a must. This will depend on the style of dance that you are studying. Be careful to select the dance shoes that match the dance style you are studying.

Now you are appropriately dressed you can commence your lessons. Start with a few stretches to warm up. Pay especial attention to any tight muscles and give them some extra stretches. You can make good use of this time before your lessons to get your body into the right mode for the exercises you will be doing.

As an example, here is what you may expect from a typical class. A warm up routine might be conducted by the dance instructor. The style of dance and individual methods of the instructor will determine which particular exercises will be used.

After you have warmed up your instructor will likely have you do some across the floor work. This is where the students in the dance lessons go across the room in groups of two or three performing a specific step. This should allow your instructor to really get to examine what each student is performing and provide them with some constructive advice.

After this you will learn to put these steps into a routine. Each step will be repeated and your teacher will show you how to put them together making a dance sequence. You will then be able to put this sequence to music. At first the whole class will practice then divide into smaller segments.

In the last, a cool down period is usually in order. This is necessary as your muscles have been subjected to some hard work and will give you some pain if they are not relaxed or cooled down properly.

Dance lessons can really be a lot of fun, but heading into your first class can be intimidating. However, now that you have an idea of what to expect you may find yourself quickly gliding across the floor before you know it! - 32165

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